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Cut your power bills with Energy Solutions Queensland

Everyone knows the huge difference solar power can make to their power bills.  When you are getting free power from the sun you use less power from the grid supply which reduces your bill and helps the environment.  The two big questions are how much will you save and when will my system be paid off?

We can help answer these in two ways.  We look at all the information you can provide us such as power bills, time of day you use power and what appliances you have so we can work out the best system for your home.  We work out what you need and can estimate how much you will save.

Certigy finance for solar power systems is also available. You can redirect the money you save from your power bills as payments towards your system.

Solar-Calculator-ctaWork out how much you can save.
Try our handy Solar Calculator to see how much you can save!

Solar Calculator

Quality installation and backup makes all the difference

A solar system from any supplier will reduce your power bills.  The big question is how do you choose which one to purchase yours from?  At Energy Solutions Queensland we believe that the quality of the installation components, attention to detail in the install and after sales service is what makes the difference.


Your solar system is outdoors, on a hot roof, fully exposed to the elements.  It is vital that your installation has the right panel mounting hardware and roof screws to withstand cyclonic conditions.  Roof penetrations need proper sealing so your roof does not leak.  Your rooftop safety isolator, by law, must be accessible so it is always exposed to the weather.  We use a high quality isolator unit so it will last longer with improved system safety.

Solar power is a 15 to 20-year investment so it is vital that it is correctly installed and that you have local support to keep your system at full performance.

Which system is right for me

Solar power is good for the environment, but everyone wants to reduce their power bills.  A system that is too small for your daytime power use will be disappointing and will not produce the savings you expected.

Before your system is installed we visit your home with a detailed aerial image of the panels on your roof.  This enables us to calculate the best panel location on your roof. We talk to you about your power usage and look at the various appliances you are using.  By looking at all these puzzle pieces we then have a clear picture of what you need and can ensure your system will achieve a great result

Try our handy Solar Calculator to see how much you can save!

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