Harbour Lodge Motel – Gladstone

Energy Solutions Australia bring clean energy to Gladstone QLD

Energy Solutions Australia installed a 24kw solar system at Gladstone’s Harbour Lodge Motel. The system consists of 48 solar panels spread across two separate buildings.

Solar slashes energy costs at Harbour Lodge

The owner of Harbour Lodge Motel Laurie Benedetto says he is very happy with the current savings he has been seeing thus far. “The system looks very neat and adds to aesthetics of the building” Laurie said. The combination of energy-efficient appliances and the solar system will significantly reduce the monthly operational costs for this property for many years to come. The solar system will support electricity usage in the multiple two story buildings, thereby defraying about 50% of the electricity usage.


Taking the lead in sustainability

Business owner/entrepreneur Laurie Benedetto is Gladstone’s leader in adopting sustainable energies. Energy Solutions Australia has installed three solar systems for Laurie across the Gladstone region. Laurie clearly understands that solar power can provide both economic and environmental benefits, while savings a few dollars. Energy Solutions Australia is privileged to have been given the opportunity to work with Laurie on these projects. It is admirable that Laurie has reduced the impact his business has on the environment.

Key Facts:

Location: Gladstone, QLD

Project size: 24kw

EST. annual energy production: 35,828 kWh

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction: 29,379 kg CO2/year

Solar offset: 50%