Hybrid Solar and Battery

Store the sun with a hybrid system

Solar power works great when the sun is up but at night you are still using grid power.  If you use a lot of power at night or want to reduce your grid power use after the sun has set, then a hybrid system may be what you need.  At Energy Solutions Queensland we can analyse your power consumption and design a system that provides excess solar generation during the day that can be stored in battery banks for use at another time.  The size of the solar panel array and battery bank is determined by the amount of grid consumption you wish to offset.

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How it works

Your grid connected inverter is constantly monitoring the voltages of the grid, the solar panel array and the batteries.  When your solar array output exceeds the consumption at your property the energy is sent into either the batteries or to the grid.


Energy sent to the grid will save you money due to the feed in tariff but energy sent to your batteries will save you your current consumption tariff.

For example 1 kwh of feed in tariff will save you 6 cents where 1 kwh of battery energy will save you 23 cents.

This is why your hybrid system is set to feed the home first, then charge batteries, then feed any leftover power to the grid.

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We can look over your bills, work out when your power is being consumed and estimate the savings you would make with a system.

  • Work out the best places to locate your equipment to achieve maximum performance with minimum visual impact on your property
  • Discuss other changes you can make to your routine, lighting and appliances to further reduce your power bills.
  • Explain the benefits of Energy Solutions Queensland such as professional install and local backup support.
  • Look at finance options for your system so you can pay off your solar system using the savings on your power bills.

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