Off Grid Solar

No Grid?  No problem!

Solar power, with or without battery storage, is the perfect solution where no grid power exists.  Whether you need power for a farm shed, weekender or rural home Energy Solutions Queensland can design a system to suit your needs.  By incorporating solar, battery storage and generators we can meet any size load requirements so you can power a complete household completely off grid in all weather conditions.

Larger arrays can be used on roofs or ground mount to provide excess solar for battery storage.  The whole process is completely automatic so you use your home power as you normally would.

How it works


The right size

We size your solar array so that there is sufficient output during sun hours to supply the required load.  On top of this we add sufficient solar output to fully charge your batteries over the same sun hours.

The aim of the batteries is to deliver as much power as possible towards night time consumption.  Any shortfall is met with input from the generator.

Fully Automatic

The system is fully automatic and parameters are set to control the battery and generator use during wet weather. This ensures that you never run out of power.

By correctly sizing the solar array and battery storage, both low cost energy sources, we minimise the use of more expensive fuel in the generator.

Solar-Calculator-ctaWork out how much you can save.
Try our handy Solar Calculator to see how much you can save!

Solar Calculator

Like to know more?

The best way to find out more is to call us on (07) 4978 3494 and one of the Energy Solutions Queensland team members will arrange to come and see you.

  • We can look over your potential power use profile, work out when your power will be consumed and estimate the correct sizing of your system.
  • Work out the best places to locate your equipment to achieve maximum performance with minimum visual impact on your property
  • Discuss other changes you can make to your routine, lighting and appliances to further reduce your power bills.
  • Explain the benefits of Energy Solutions Queensland such as professional install and local backup support.
  • Look at finance options for your system so you can pay off your solar system using the savings on your power bills.

For reliable power when there is no power at all call Energy Solutions Queensland today on (07) 4978 3494

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