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Our simple calculator below can show you what size system may suit you and how much you are likely to save with solar power.  Just enter the required information off your power bill and the calculator will do the rest.

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Calculations are based on Clean Energy Council data for sun hours in QLD and typical performance of a North facing, pitched, panel array. Actual results may vary depending upon level of daytime power use, direction and angle of panels and the supply grid voltage level at your location.

Which system is right for me

Solar power is good for the environment, but everyone wants to reduce their power bills.  You have now used the calculator above and can see how much your solar system will reduce your power bill.  A system that is too small for your daytime power use will be disappointing and will not produce the savings you expected.  Before your system is installed we visit your home with a detailed aerial image of the panels on your roof.  This enables us to calculate the best panel location on your roof. We talk to you about your power usage and look at the various appliances you are using.  By looking at all these puzzle pieces we then have a clear picture of what you need and can ensure your system will achieve a great result

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